1. What all can I do with my MyMedicare membership card?

MyMedicare member card not only grants you a health identity but also helps you in many scenarios. With this, you do have a unique account with MyMedicare where you can store and access your health documents online easily. In case of an emergency, this card provides you with a 24x7 health assistance helpline so that you can get help as quick as possible. Also, now while purchasing your medicines in chemists and pharmacies, don't forget to get your cashback up to 20% which later you can reimburse in your future purchases.

2. When do I receive my MyMedicare card?

The moment you enroll and subscribe to any of our membership plan (Basic, Advanced and Premium) online/offline, MyMedicare card will be shipped to you within 15 working days however you will receive a text message for the same.

3. For how many days, the wallet amount of my account will valid?

The cashback which has been credited to your account can be used within 30 days from the current purchase.

4. Which kind of license documents are required to qualify for a MyMedicare membership card?

The only thing MyMedicare is concerned of is that you are a legal Indian citizen. Hence, only your ADHAAR CARD will be required to complete the process.

5. How do I activate my card every month?

If you have taken monthly scheme, to continue your services you need to visit mymedicare and pay the amount every month to keep enjoying the benefits.

Sounding hectic?

We know! That's why we have provided options for 3 months, 6 months and 12 months subscription plan also. These are not only take off the extra effort you need to do every month but also gives you amazing discount upto 25% on all healthcare services.

6. Not satisfied. Where should I provide my feedback and file complaints?

We are always open for suggestions and feedback. Please write to us on or call us at +91 9963342273