1. How should I enroll in MyMedicare?

You can start off with registering with us online at our website Soon, our executive will visit to your store for verification and provide you with the starter pack. If everything goes well, we are a team from that day itself.

2. What is the process to get my business started with MyMedicare?

After your enrollment successfully summons up, our executive will visit you and provide you with a unique QR code sticker for your business and also business promotional stickers.

3. How do I make my first business transaction with MyMedicare?

Just allow the customer to use the QR code provided to you to complete his/her order. And congratulations! You just made your business live with us!

4. What benefits do I get by joining hands with MyMedicare?

A larger customer base, online marketing, digital India collaboration, a great feedback platform and business promotion. All of this is for you absolutely free of cost.

5. Does MyMedicare charge any hidden amount or sales commission?

No! We believe in maintaining a crystal-clear transparent relationship with our partners as well as our members. No hidden charges and sales commission is applicable. We want us to grow together.

6. Can I terminate my partnership as and when I want?

Honestly, we will miss you. But in case you have made your mind to part ways, then yes, we do provide a smooth exit process for our partners.